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Agent Caffeine

Real Estate Investing Podcast: Agent Caffeine

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Agent Caffeine was FUEL for the real estate industry. It used to be the real estate industry’s #1 podcast for innovation and best practices in new technology, but unfortunately the podcast ended at the end of 2015. Kelly Mitchell is an entrepreneur who successfully launched businesses in five different industries including real estate. In the Agent Caffeine she brought on cutting edge guests to share their insights on best practices, game-changing attitudes and thought leadership. Kelly looked at trends on the horizon in and outside of real estate, changes in tech, and talked about killer strategies, evolutionary practices and disciplines.

Even though the information is focused on agents, it was still valuable for investors who were agents or who worked with them. Unfortunately the advice is getting dated now. Too bad this one didn’t continue past 2015. You may still find valuable information in this podcast but listen now for strategies instead of specific tactics.

Check out the Agent Caffeine podcast at their website, or on iTunes, Stitcher, or YouTube.


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