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Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Show with Joe Fairless

Real Estate Investing Podcast: Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Show with Joe Fairless

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This real estate investing podcast has over 1300 episodes… yes, you read correctly… over 1300 episodes! The Best Ever Show is the world’s longest running daily real estate investing podcast. Daily as in 7 days a week! Joe Fairless wants to give his listeners the best real estate investing advice ever. He’s interviewed Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki and Shark Tank investor Barbara Corcoran who is also a real estate investment guru. Joe aims to get the best advice on every real estate investing topic you could think of. In each episode he interviews an expert or an experienced real estate investor on particular topic. Fairless worked as an advertising exec but started investing in single family homes. He continued learning how to invest and moved up into buying large apartment communities with investors. Fairless now controls over $265 million in real estate. So he knows what he’s talking about and is happy to let others learn from his mistakes and successes. He met many of his guests while growing his real estate investment business. There’s a lot here in this podcast for every type of real estate investor.

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real estate investing podcast