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Cardone Zone: Real Estate Investing Made Simple

Real Estate Investing Podcast: Cardone Zone: Real Estate Investing Made Simple

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The Cardone Zone is home to all of Grant Cardone’s podcasts including Real Estate Investing Made Simple, but also Power Player, The G&E Show, Young Hustlers for Sales Professionals and more. Real Estate Investing is supposed to come out every Monday. While Cardone is mostly known as sales training consultant, business coach and motivational speaker, he’s also built a real estate investment company in the last 20 years and currently controls over $550 million of multifamily properties throughout the United States. He’s passionate about investing in cashflowing rental properties. Cardone is also the bestselling author of The 10X Rule and If You’re Not First, You’re Last. The other shows are interesting and informative too, sometimes with good general investing advice, but Real Estate Investing Made Simple is great and informative with real world examples, like episode 306, “REI Better Than No Money Down.” Cardone is easy to listen to, informative and passionate about what he talks about in these podcasts. Coming soon is Grant Cardone’s new book named after the podcast Real Estate Investing Made Simple.

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And, if you haven’t checked it out yet, be sure to read Grant Cardone’s book The 10X Rule, which is a powerful book about productivity and motivation.


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