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Cash Flow Connections

Real Estate Investing Podcast: Cash Flow Connections

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Did you know there are as many self-storage facilities in the US as there are McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Subway branches combined? Hunter Thompson knows that and he’s written Little Boxes, Big Profits which is the definitive book on how self-storage is an excellent recession-resistant investment. Hunter is a real estate investor (and not just in self-storage) and the founder of Cash Flow Connections, a company that has helped investors put capital into over 100 properties with a combined value of more than $350 million. Hunter has experience investing in self-storage facilities (of course!), residential mortgage notes, mobile home parks, single-family acquisitions, hard money loans, office buildings, and multifamily real estate syndications. Based on his experience, Hunter encourages investors to diversify their portfolios with recession-resistant real estate, like self-storage facilities but so much more. All this to say Hunter Thompson is a great host for the Cash Flow Connection podcast which informs listeners all about commercial real estate investing and features interviews with some of the leading investors. Cash Flow Connection has some of the best episodes titles of any podcast out there, like “Real Estate Negotiation Strategies From A Former FBI Hostage Negotiator,” “Investing In Land For Pennies On The Dollar With Mark Podolsky” and “Is Multi-Family Going Crazy Again?” This is a relatively new podcast, but it’s showing a ton of potential already.

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