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Cash Flow Diary

Real Estate Investing Podcast: Cash Flow Diary With J. Massey

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Instead of saving up a nest egg for retirement, many of us are now working toward building up our cashflow. We made this huge shift in our thinking about personal finances after reading Robert Kiyosaki’s book Rich Dad Poor Dad. Many real estate investing podcasters claim to be inspired by Kiyosaki, but J. Massey is actually a master facilitator of Rich Dad CASHFLOW(TM) 101 games and the creator of Cash Flow Diary which offers free training courses for new and experienced investors. Massey is the real deal, not just inspired, but certified by Robert Kiyosaki. In the last three years, J. Massey completed over 100 real estate deals in eight states, and currently controls over 200 rental properties. This real estate investor is also a sales coach and instructor who is passionate about helping others break through the clutter of learning about real estate investing and becoming entrepreneurs. In the Cash Flow Diary podcast, Massey gives beneficial strategies to improve your skills in finding properties, placing offers, closing deals, wholesaling, rehabbing and much more. The podcast features interviews from a wide variety of real estate investing experts and other special guests who can help in more general ways like entrepreneurship and motivation.

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