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Cash Flow Guys Podcast

Real Estate Investing Podcast: Cash Flow Guys Podcast

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“Learn to Earn” is a good motto for the “Cash Flow Guys” because it’s a hands-on, practical and educational podcast. Real estate investor Tyler Sheff is teaching from first hand experience how to gain financial independence through wealth-building strategies. If reading Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad left you feeling inspired and persuaded, but unsure of what to actually do, Sheff speaks to that very situation. The podcast intro claims you will “learn to build leveraged streams of cash flow that land in your pocket and improve your quality of life.” Many topics are covered and every episode I’ve listened to has been helpful. Sometimes experts are being interviewed and other times it’s just Sheff running solo with some instruction. Tyler Sheff is so good at what he does, investing and teaching, that if you listen to many real estate investing podcasts at all, you’ve probably heard him as guest. He has a great radio voice, is easy listen to, and he will leave you feeling like you can do this. Tune in to this podcast weekly and you will really “learn to earn.”

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