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Real Estate Investing Podcast: Commercial Real Estate Pro Network

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The Commercial Real Estate Pro Network is a professional podcast, hosted by J. Darrin Gross who is both a real estate investor and a commercial property insurance broker. Gross has designed the podcast to be a resources for investors and professionals in commercial real estate. He wanted to learn more and have a bigger conversation about commercial real estate investing and over 125 episodes later the podcast is accomplishing those goals. Listeners will learn about today’s opportunities, problems and solutions in commercial real estate investing. While it’s geared to both new and experienced commercial real estate investors, newer investors will especially benefit from episodes like “How to Attract Investors & Raise Capital Online for your Real Estate Investment,” “Tax Plan Impact on Real Estate Investment Strategies,” and “Real Estate Investors Cash in Buying Tax Liens.” I have no idea why they like to refer to the show as “C-R-E-P-N Radio,” just seems a bit weird, “Creepin’ Radio.” Other than that it’s a professional podcast for serious investors in commercial real estate.

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real estate investing podcast