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Real Estate Investing Podcast: Let’s Talk Real Estate Investing

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Sharon Vornholt, also known as the Real Estate Gal, has been investing in real estate in her hometown, Louisville, Kentucky, for the last 20 years and she is passionate about it. If you’ve ever done much reading about real estate investing at the Bigger Pocket’s blog, you’ve likely read some posts by Sharon Vornholt. She’s authored over 150 posts there, some of the most insightful and practical articles on how to do real estate investing, especially related to marketing, landlording and motivation. (You can also read more great articles by her in REI Wealth Magazine). The Let’s Talk Real Estate Investing podcast is marked by that same passion, insight and clear instruction. In addition to being a real estate investor, blogger and podcaster, Sharon also coaches new entrepreneurs in real estate investing. You’ll find some of the clearest “how to” instructions you’ll find anywhere in the Let’s Talk Real Estate Investing podcast. We like that Sharon is especially good at giving tips to people who are working part-time in real estate investing. She really loves teaching others how to succeed in real estate investing, meet their goals and live their dreams. Her current focus is on marketing and branding. She’s also a probate investing expert and just released a new course called Probate Investing Simplified.

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real estate investing podcast

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