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Mobile Home Park Investors

Real Estate Investing Podcast: Mobile Home Park Investors

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Investing in mobile home parks makes sense because you have less competition, virtually eliminate competition from new supply, and you can potentially hold a monopoly and earn all the profit in this housing sector. I’m sure the co-hosts of Mobile Home Park Investors could explain it better, but let me try quickly. First, there are few big players in mobile home parks and they own less than 3%. Secondly, virtually no municipalities will ever approve another mobile home park development. Thus if you own one of the few or only ones in town, you have a monopoly. It’s good affordable housing and that’s always in demand. This podcast will tell you everything you need to know about investing in mobile home parks. It’s produced by Park Street Partners, a private real estate investment firm which invests in mobile home parks all over the US. Co-founders Jefferson Lilly and Brad Johnson host the podcast. They describe themselves as “obsessed with mobile home parks!” Episode 93 is particularly intriguing as it’s a case study with real estate investors Brandon Turner from Bigger Pockets and Ryan Murdock. Brandon and Ryan recently partnered together to purchase their first mobile home park. They explain how they got interested in mobile home parks and how this deal came up, then give details on what their business partnership looks like, and share some of the challenges they’ve faced in owning and renovating their mobile home park. For everything you ever wanted to know about mobile home park investing, you’ve found the right podcast.

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