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Old Dawg’s REI Network: Real Estate Investing for Seniors

Real Estate Investing Podcast: Old Dawg’s REI Network: Real Estate Investing for Seniors

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With ominous music playing, a dramatic bass-voiced narrator begins this podcast, saying, “In a world where jobs are how most people make money… one man… one desire… one challenge: Dare to break the mold! Welcome to the Old Dawg’s REI Network where we don’t work for money. Money works for us!” People approaching retirement or who have retired will benefit from this podcast focused on generating increased cashflow for their retirement years. The Old Dawg’s REI Network wants you to be able to create and enjoy the retirement you’ve always dreamed about. Host and Chief Old Dawg Bill Manassero spent about a decade serving with his family as missionaries to orphans, abandoned and at-risk children in Haiti. He says it was one of the most incredible and beautiful experiences of his life, but it left him planning a return to the US at age 60 without a job or retirement plan. Who would hire him at age 60? Bill decided he would learn how to build up passive income. Using his savings he purchased three turnkey houses and then two years later in 2016 he leveraged those properties with a cash-out refi to purchase a 22-unit apartment building. Since then his goal has been to double the number of units he’s holding each year until he reaches 1000. The Old Dawg’s REI Network chronicles some of his journey and you can hear his passion as he tries to help others in situations like his do the same thing he’s done.

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real estate investing podcast

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