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Real Estate Investing Rookies Podcast

Real Estate Investing Podcast: Real Estate Investing Rookies Podcast

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Real estate investing rookies Josh Koth and Jack Hoss invite listeners to follow along as they try to build their cashflow by investing in rental properties. Rejecting the conventional financial advice you get from Dave Ramsey, Jim Cramer and Suze Orman, Josh and Jack are working towards financial freedom, following a route inspired by Robert Kiyosaki and his game-changing book Rich Dad Poor Dad. As the hosts build their financial education, they want to pass this along to their subscribers. Episodes vary from what the guys have been learning in books to their current real world investing experiences. In one episode the guys review the details of a specific property from acquisition to disposition. In an episode titled “Jack Just Quit His Job… Now What!?” the guys discuss Jack’s fear and how he pushed through it, reactions from his spouse and family, and pushback from his coworkers. This is tremendous transparency and will prove to be very helpful to other rookies. The REI Rookies Podcast gets into the nitty gritty of real estate investing and has a lot to offer listeners.

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real estate investing podcast

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