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Real Estate Rockstars

Real Estate Investing Podcast: Real Estate Rockstars

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Billion dollar real estate agent Pat Hiban interviews real estate rockstars three times a week in this highly rated real estate podcast. Hiban is a two-time world’s #1 real estate agent (2004 with RE/MAX, 2006 with Keller Williams). While the podcast offers a lot of practical help for real estate agents, it also gets into everything you can imagine in real estate investing. Pat has interviewed real estate investing rockstars like Robert Kiyosaki, Barbara Corcoran and Grant Cardone. You’ll have to do some filtering as many episodes are aimed more at agents than investors, but if you do that you’ll find some practical episodes like “Maximize Cash Flow and Minimize Hassle with Mitch Stephen’s Rent-to-Own Strategy” or “Never Buy Overpriced Leads Again with James Rembert, The Zillow Killer.” Pat wants his podcast to be very practical and avoids cliches and famous quotes. As he says, “Only Meat and Potatoes please! give me something I can do today to make money!” You’ll find out how to get rich by investing in real estate.

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real estate investing podcast

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