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Real Life Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Investing Podcast: Real Life Real Estate Investing

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Vena Jones-Cox started investing in real estate long before a great number of the other podcasters in this directory. She bought her first rental property in Cincinnati in 1989 and she still owns it! Since then she’s completed well over 700 deals. “People who can quote the exact number crack me up,” says Vena, “seriously, if you have time to count, you’re not making enough offers.” But then Vena says she’s wholesaling one property every 9.125 days on average and acquiring about five buy-and-hold rental units per year. On her website she claims to be The Real Estate Goddess and she certainly shows her level of experience on her weekly local radio show Real Life Real Estate which has been on the air since 1998! You can listen to it on Wednesdays at 5 p.m. at 89.9 FM in Cincinnati or if you’re not in the Cincinnati area, it’s now available as a podcast. While there is some local color, the topics will be of interest to real estate investors everywhere. Vena does a great job of exploring pertinent and interesting topics like “Airbnb properties: the pros, cons, opportunities and challenges,” “Debt-free investing” and “How to make money on ‘zombie foreclosures.’” Vena has a special focus on the ethics of real estate investing and questions some of the practices being advocated by some of the coaches and mentors in the industry.

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