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The Accredited Income Property Investment Specialists Show

Real Estate Investing Podcast: The Accredited Income Property Investment Specialists Show

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The AIPIS show is all about educating real estate investors in the proven methods of income property investments as a road to building wealth. The host, Jason Hartman, aims to share what he’s learned in 25+ years of investing in real estate. Hartman has owned income properties in 11 states and 17 cities. His company, Platinum Properties Investor Network, helps people achieve financial freedom by investing in cashflowing real estate properties. In the podcast, Hartman drills down on a wide array of very specific topics and interviews knowledgeable and experienced experts on those topics. Hartman does not let his guests get away with pat answers; he presses them for details and to give his listeners actionable advice. He’s also good at bringing on successful real estate investors to share how they got started in investing to encourage listeners that they can do it too.

Learn more about the The Accredited Income Property Investment Specialists Show on their website, iTunes, and Stitcher.


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