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The Commercial Investing Show

Real Estate Investing Podcast: The Commercial Investing Show

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“What’s hot and what’s not in commercial real estate investing” is what this podcast is all about. Jason Hartman has over 25 years of experience in real estate investing and hosts a few podcasts building on his experience. In this one, he dives deep into various ways real estate investors can get into investing in commercial real estate, like apartment buildings, mobile home parks, and self-storage facilities. There’s plenty of valuable information here about the best investments you can make and how to make them happen. In addition to experts in commercial real estate and client case studies, Hartman also interviews business book authors and speakers, getting them to explain how their insights apply to real estate investment companies. A great example is Episode 118 featuring Mike Moyer, creator of Slicing Pie which is about how to share equity with partners in real estate investing startups in a way that fairly incorporates everything those partners bring to the table. If you’re investing in commercial real estate, this is a great podcast to inform your efforts.

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real estate investing podcast