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The Flip King CEO

Real Estate Investing Podcast: The Flip King CEO

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Want to know the top reason why you should listen to Joe Evangelisti? I’ll give you four: (1) he’s a no-BS kind of guy who tells it like it is; (2) He’s built a massive 8-figure real estate investing empire in many different areas from new development to rehabs to wholesaling to buy-and-holds; (3) in spite of his success, he flies under the radar and avoids the “celebrity guru” approach that a lot of investors aspire to; (4) Joe is an expert at scaling businesses, which means if you are currently doing a few deals a month (or a year), Joe’s insight can help you build a real business that can do more deals consistently.

In his podcast, The Flip King CEO Joe delivers solid info on real estate, business, mindset, and motivation. He covers it all and gets you pumped up to play full out.

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Also, be sure to check out Joe Evangelisti’s powerful book about scaling your investing business…


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