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The REI Classroom

Real Estate Investing Podcast: The REI Classroom

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The REI Classroom is a brilliant little podcast. Episodes are generally about eight minutes long, but in those eight minutes you get really solid teaching from real estate investing experts, in some cases Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Advisors. Recent topics include “How To Build Your Buyers List,” “How To Find and Flip Fire-Damaged Properties,” and “The Top Ten Tips for Using Private Money.” Teaching experts include Michael Blank, Greg Reid, Matt Theriault, Jason Hartman, Justin Williams and Frank Cava. “Whether you’re new or a veteran real estate investor,” says this podcast has got you covered. You’re learn fast and be able to quickly apply your learning to your real estate investing business. Note that all the shows are not released on iTunes, so be sure to check for a full list.

Learn more about this podcast on their website, iTunes,“>Stitcher, or YouTube.


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real estate investing podcast

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