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The FlipNerd Real Estate Investing Show: Expert Interviews

Real Estate Investing Podcast: The FlipNerd Real Estate Investing Show: Expert Interviews

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In this weekly podcast, founder Mike Hambright Interviews “expert real estate investors and other awesome entrepreneurs” like Matt Theriault (Epic Real Estate), Andrew Waite (Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine), Kathy Fetke (Real Wealth Network), Joe McCall (Real Estate Investing Mastery), Brett Snodgrass (wholesaled 354 houses last year!), John Martinez (REI Sales Academy), Vena Jones-Cox (the Real Estate Goddess), Danny Johnson (Flipping Junkie), Adrian Nez (Investor Carrot), and Ryan Stewman (the Hardcore Closer). Every week Mike sits down with another expert and focuses in on a part of real estate investing they’re doing very well at. If you like learning from experts, not academic experts, but hands-on, real world, real estate investing experts, you’ll love this podcast. (It’s really hard nailing down the title of this podcast so don’t be surprised if you find it listed under a different title.)

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real estate investing podcast

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