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The Florida Keys Real Estate Guys

Real Estate Investing Podcast: The Florida Keys Real Estate Guys

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The Florida Keys Real Estate Guys, realtor Mykael Marinelli and Florida Keys radio personality Mark Mills, describe their show as “fun and irreverent chat about our Florida Keys Lifestyle, Fishing, Diving, drinking, cool guests and oh yeah…informative information regarding our Florida Keys Real Estate Market.” This is definitely a “local” real estate show and features guests in the know about real estate in the Florida Keys, like realtors, representatives from the Chamber of Commerce and local lenders. They don’t really discuss investing in real estate, though their Facebook page makes clear that investors from northern states have tuned into their podcast and then purchased properties from Marinelli who works with American Caribbean Real Estate. Note this show is broadcast on an online radio station,, so it’s not subject to FCC regulation and the content is sometimes crude, definitely uncensored. The hosts are proud of being “irreverent,” part of what they consider to be the Florida Keys lifestyle.

Learn more about this podcast on their Facebook page and on SoundCloud.


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real estate investing podcast

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