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The Real Estate Preacher Podcast

Real Estate Investing Podcast: The Real Estate Preacher Podcast

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Real Estate Preacher Randy Lawrence says his mission is to inspire and educate his listeners in real estate investing so their lives may be transformed as they start making money by flipping houses. Randy is indeed a preacher/pastor, but he’s also a successful real estate investing entrepreneur. The Real Estate Preacher has been featured in the St. Petersburg Times and Tampa Tribune, and on NBC and CBN for his work in transforming lives. Randy explains on his website that he “has experienced his own life transformations as well, overcoming the upbringing from a broken home and his life as a drug dealer to becoming a successful entrepreneur, pastor, husband and father.” Following the financial collapse of 2008, Randy went from bankruptcy to running a seven-figure rehabbing business. Chicken Soup for the Soul author Jack Canfield teamed up with Randy to co-author the book Dare to Succeed in 2013. Randy is also involved in success coaching with the likes of John C. Maxwell and Tony Robbins. In The Real Estate Preacher Podcast, Randy wants to help your real estate investment business by giving you spiritual, mental and strategic tools. He believes he can reduce your learning curve and fast track your real estate success so that you can find God’s freedom and abundance.

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real estate investing podcast