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The Rental Income Podcast

Real Estate Investing Podcast: The Rental Income Podcast

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What’s fascinating about the Rental Income Podcast is how the host, Dan Lane, became a “landlord by accident.” A few years into his first career, Dan purchased a townhouse, but even before he closed on it, he had friends asking to rent out the extra bedrooms. The two friends who moved in with Dan paid enough rent to cover his mortgage payments, a win-win for everybody. Dan eventually changed careers and became a realtor. So he’s had a lot of experience selling houses. Recently Dan and his wife purchased a new home, but kept their old house to turn it into a cashflowing rental property. Dan’s goal with this podcast is to interview other landlords that are generating rental income with their investment properties. He aims to give listeners “actionable information and tips that will help other investors generate more rental income, and attract better tenants.” This is truly a great resource for investors landlording their own investment properties, but it’s also good for new investors and advanced investors with property managers. Aren’t these good, practical episodes?

  • “Top 4 Markets in the US for Rental Cashflow”
  • “How Rentals Replaced Half Their Income”
  • “How Flipping Houses Made Him A Better Rental Investor”

If you have rental properties or are thinking of investing in them, even if you’ve gotten into it accidentally, you’ll benefit from tuning in to this podcast.

Learn more about this podcast on their website, iTunes, Stitcher, or YouTube.


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real estate investing podcast

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