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The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Podcast

Real Estate Investing Podcast: The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Podcast

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Flip2Freedom’s podcast aims to help listeners become more successful. Host Sean Terry is a well known and highly experienced real estate investor who started out doing a lot of wholesaling; indeed, the focus of his talks in this podcast is on wholesaling to generate solid income and escape your 9 to 5 job. Terry was a Marine who led his platoon to battle in Desert Storm and was recognized with multiple awards for outstanding leadership and drive. Starting his post-military career, Terry bought an apartment complex at the age of 22 and began his new life as a real estate investor. Since then he’s closed hundreds of real estate deals with a cumulative value of about $120 million, deals including raw land development, single family residences and multifamily complexes. Currently Terry is buying and selling seven to ten properties a month by either wholesaling properties or fixing-and-flipping turnkey cashflow properties to investors across the country. He’s a passionate presenter, easy to listen to and very informative. It’s not put out on any defined schedule, but The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Podcast is definitely worth listening to whenever it comes out.

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real estate investing podcast

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