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We Study Billionaires – The Investors Podcast

Real Estate Investing Podcast: We Study Billionaires – The Investors Podcast

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iTunes and Google both named We Study Billionaires – The Investors Podcast as the #1 stock investing podcast in 2017. (But don’t worry: they do talk about real estate investing too). Hosts Preston Pysh and Stig Brodersen read and talk about the books that have influenced billionaires the most. They talk about Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Ray Dalio, Stanley Druckenmiller, George Soros, and other financial billionaires. Quite often they interview authors of some of these leading business books. They also interview various experts in all kinds of investing, including real estate. Bigger Pockets CEO and real estate investing expert Joshua Dorkin is interviewed in episode 34. (Be sure to check out the BiggerPockets podcast too!) Most of the time you’ll be hearing about great ideas in the world of investing and business. They certainly keep it interesting.

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real estate investing podcast